Monday, June 1, 2015

Welcome to Presidentress

Hello! Welcome to my blog!

You may be asking: What is this blog all about? Well, it's about presidential stuff. Some of it will be serious; a lot of it won't be. There will probably be some crafts. I promise there will be president-themed Christmas carols.

My main purpose in starting this blog is to expand the reach of my occasional yet fascinating president-related Facebook posts. After all, why should my Facebook friends be the only people who see my "separated at birth" photos of presidents and other famous people/creatures? (Sam the Eagle is the spitting image of TWO presidents! Stay tuned to find out which ones! Or just look at some photos of the presidents and you can probably figure it out.)

Don't worry (or, alternately, be warned): It's not all fun and games. Sometimes I post serious, pensive things, like how the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum has made me cry three times.

What makes me qualified to post about presidential miscellany? Nothing, really, but this is America, where everyone gets a say! I do have a BA in American History, and a stronger-than-average obsession with political leaders of yore. So there's that.

And why the name "Presidentress"? The reasons are threefold:

1) It just kinda works.

2) When her husband was elected president, First Lady Julia Tyler decided that she wanted to be known as Mrs. Presidentress. After her husband left office, she wanted to be known as Mrs. Ex-Presidentress. That just seems pretty badass, and I wanted to honor it.

3) At some point, this country will probably have a female president. And inevitably, someone trying to be "cute" or, more likely, condescending will refer to her as "Presidentress," and I figure that'll drive traffic to this site.

(Oh, and the "star-spangled" bit in the tagline? Totally stole that from Stephen Colbert.)

That's the introduction. Now kick back and enjoy!

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  1. The Lincoln Library makes me cry every time! And not out of boredom, like the Clinton Library.