Monday, January 25, 2016

James Madison's Favorite Lip Balm

Last week I read with great interest an article about lip balm because I live in Illinois and we're in the depths of winter and my lips are falling off. None of the balms in the article interested me, but someone in the comment section (yeah, I read them sometimes) mentioned this stuff called Hurraw! Lip Balm. Being in favor of products with fun names, I decided to check them out.

The Hurraw! balms are everything-friendly: all natural, vegan, organic, free-trade, cruelty-free, etc., but I was more interested in the scents because I'm selfish. Many caught my eye: Chai Spice, Earl Gray, Green Tea (plus more "typical" flavors like Black Cherry and Orange). The one that really stood out, though, was called Vata. It's described as "soothing almond, spicy cardamom, and a lovely lingering of rose."

Cardamom and rose? Hello! That sounds just like my Dolley Madison Cake! I've actually been dying for that cake lately, but I'm on a diet, so it's a no-go. I figured a similarly-scented lip balm might be next best thing, or possibly torture. So I ordered some.

My order arrived quickly, and whoever packaged it had drawn little hearts all over the invoice. It was kind of a cute human touch. The lip balm itself isn't a typical cylinder; it's more of an ellipse, making it easier to fit in a pocket without creating a weird bulge. I like it.

And this Vata Balm...oh my gosh, it really does smell like my cake, and it feels wonderful. It's possibly the most exquisite thing my lips have ever touched (apologies to Mr. Presidentressor and any ex-boyfriends who might happen to stumble upon this). It's like kissing James Madison! Or Dolley! I don't know. But I do know I want cake, and more of this lip balm.

Without saying anything about the scent to my 6-year-old daughter, I stuck the lip balm under her nose and she said, "Mmm! It smells like cardamom! Like that cake!" Definitive proof that it's not just me.

You can order some of this wonderful stuff from the Hurraw! website, and most (all?) flavors seem to be available on Amazon with free Prime shipping, too. (Although it sounds like it, I haven't received anything free nor have I been compensated for my opinion on this lip balm. I just really love it.)

I'm not sure what James Madison used for keeping his lips moist and supple, but I think he would have been a fan of this stuff.

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