Saturday, October 31, 2015

Honest Babe

A couple months ago I posted about how I wanted to dress as Sexy Abraham Lincoln for Halloween. It's obviously presidential, it's funny, and (although my mother doesn't believe me) it's a feminist statement on the "sexy everything" trend in women's costumes.

Well, the day has finally arrived!

The costume was really easy to put together. I found the lingerie for about $12 on some Chinese website that turned out to be legit. The stockings, beard, and top hat fascinator came from a costume shop (as did some black bike shorts because let me tell you, that tutu covers nothing). The shoes are unsexy, but they're the only black ones I have, so whatever.

These photos were taken a couple days ago in the relative privacy of my back yard. (And oh my gosh, my poor 4-year-old. He saw me from behind and thought I was wearing some kind of black fairy costume. Then I turned around and he saw the beard, and that might be the most terrified he gets this Halloween...or ever.)

As I write this, I haven't actually ventured out in public, and to be honest (Honest Babe) there's a good chance I won't. I'm not going to a Halloween party, just taking my kids trick-or-treating, and I do sort of care what my neighbors think of me. We'll see.


  1. This NEEDS to be seen in public. DOO EEET

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  3. When I saw the picture with the cardigan on Facebook I honestly felt that the shoes really pulled the whole thing together. I feel like good ol' Abe would have approved of the footwear selection.

    1. Yeah, the shoes wound up working really well. Anything else would have made it look ridiculous.