Monday, October 5, 2015

Chester Arthur Coloring Page!

Grown-up coloring books are all the rage these days (although I want to go on record as saying that my friend Kirstin and I were coloring together long before it was cool). But you can color only so many mandalas and paisleys before you start thinking to yourself, "I wish I had something more presidential to color." Or at least I do.

So, my friends, I have created a free coloring page to satisfy your needs. It also serves as a way of honoring Chester A. Arthur, whose birthday is today. Happy Birthday, Chet!

I tried finding some fun facts about Arthur, but he doesn't seem to have been the most interesting guy. I did find several references to the fact that he really liked pants. The statistic I kept seeing was that he owned 80 pairs! I'm going to assume that was 80 pairs at once, because 80 pairs over the course of a lifetime doesn't sound quite as impressive, even back then.

Anyway, I present to you my artistic rendition of Chester Arthur and his many pants. Keep in mind I'm not an artist, so...sorry. I did try to incorporate some swirls and lines and stuff to make it more like those fancy coloring books you can order off Amazon. (Go ahead. Order some.)

Click here for a PDF of the lovely FREE coloring page of Chester A. Arthur and his pants. The PDF should print out close to 8.5 x 11.

If you have ideas for other presidential coloring pages I can make in the future, let me know. Keep in mind the level of talent you're dealing with though. Also, if you or your kids color Chet, post a photo to the Presidentress Facebook page!


  1. You named the file "Arthur pants" and I love you for that.

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  3. On the other hand, each one of those lovely henna examples, mandalas or even Ryan Gosling coloring pages