Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Babe Lincoln

It's never too early to start planning for Halloween, and thanks to a bout of insomnia the other night, that's exactly what I'm doing.

I couldn't sleep, so naturally I turned to the internet. One thing led to another and I found myself reading one of my favorite blogs, which I've mentioned here before: Hottest Heads of State. They have a post called "Head of State Halloween Costumes." Although there are some fantastic ideas to be found in that post, my real inspiration came from a product they linked to: a Sexy Abraham Lincoln Costume.

We've all noticed this growing and rather disgusting trend in women's Halloween costumes. A woman can't be a nurse; she has to be a sexy nurse. She can't be a cupcake; she has to be a sexy cupcake. She can't be a nuclear physicist; she has to be a sexy nuclear physicist. Following that logic, any costume a woman wears should be a sexy one, and Sexy Lincoln delivers.

When I clicked over to the costume, I was ecstatic for a split second...until I noticed that the online catalog "selling" the costume is actually another humor site run by the same people who run Hottest Heads of State. In other words, I can't really buy the costume because it doesn't exist. (Side note: if you're looking to procrastinate at work today, spend some time browsing Air Splurge.)

I don't give up that easily, though. I googled "sexy abraham lincoln costume" because I don't use the shift key when googling, and I found that some people have already done the Sexy Lincoln thing. There's this woman (second one down) who dressed as "Baberaham Lincoln," and these people who dressed as Sexy Abraham Lincoln and Hot Wilkes Booth. Have people no shame?

But yeah, I'm totally dressing as Babe Lincoln this year, even though it has just occurred to me that it might not be the most appropriate or comfortable costume to wear while taking my kids trick-or-treating, especially if we have near-negative windchills like last year. It's a sacrifice I'll make for my country, though.

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