Thursday, June 1, 2017

Presidentress Turns 2!

Happy second anniversary to me and all of you!

I feel bad that I haven't written much lately but I have some stuff planned, including an upcoming William McKinley-inspired cocktail! Also, I was just mentioned in a post by Plodding Through the Presidents, although I think he stretched his definition of "May" a bit.

For now, let's do my annual round-up of most popular posts. Sadly, I can't find my most popular posts of the year, per se, but the list is different than last year's so I guess it's largely the same thing.

The post How Ronald Reagan Destroyed My First Celebrity Crush is the only holdover from last time, slipping from #1 to #5. I'm still waiting for someone to get me an autographed photo of Barry Bostwick.

At #4 this year is Donald Trump Refrigerator Poetry. You can download and print for free your very own set of words that will allow you to create pretty much any Trump speech. (Note to self: create a booster pack that includes "covfefe.")

This year's bronze medal goes to Thomas Jefferson's Killer Sheep. Why? I have no freaking idea. I mean, it was a cool post, but I can't explain what circumstances made it my third most popular post of all time.

On the other hand, I can explain all too well the circumstances that put The Cubs, Trump, and Armageddon in the second spot this year. I don't want to say I called it, but... (In fairness, I guess it's still too early to say whether the Cubs indeed won the last pennant ever. We'll know in a few months.)

And the most popular Presidentress post of all time is...DIY Presidential T-Shirts! Are throngs of people making Herbert Hoover shirts? I'd like to think so, but this one's popularity rests on hundreds of people on Pinterest pinning the post (alliteration!) because of the Disney designs contained within. I'm tempted to wear my Hoover shirt when I go to Disney World next week.

So that's it. I look forward to another year of sharing presidential history with you.

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